Spit fetish

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I was surfing the internet enjoying some artsy short films when I came across a four minute horror movie called Drool. Meet kinky women now at BDSMdate. Still, it was even more disturbing… beautiful people half naked and dripping saliva all over each other, and moving about in the slippery goo.

Just why so many of us find drool or saliva repugnant is hard to say. Keeping the mouth moist is a pretty good idea— thanks, Mother Nature! The very idea of lobbing a wad of drool at someone—spitting—has long been symbolic of showing disgust for the target. That glob of drool is experienced as gross and demeaning. A cum fetish is another fixation on human secretions. And yet, when we are super attracted to someone or in love with them, we spend hours swapping spit in some weird urgency to mingle and exchange our saliva. We want to roll our tongues around together, and later we want their drool to lubricate our cocks and pussies.

We want that saliva! The short film Drool was mildly erotic, but I highly doubt it was meant to cater to a fetish. Which got me thinking how for some people, the saliva thing is an actual thing. Did you know? There are two distinct fetishes for drool—probably more. They like to rub their hands, face, mouth, and genitals in the substance for the tactile sensations and the essence of the saliva donor.

Those with a spit fetish have a different reason—they want to be spit on to be degraded or humiliated by the object of their affection. Drool is so not my thing. I even turn away during porn when too much stringy spit is going on during oral sex. I am more comfortable with urine! We can come up with very little spit at a time, certainly not enough for fantasies where buckets and hoses feature in. Ever try filling a small cup with saliva? If watching naked people play while covered in saliva is your thing, porn is probably your best bet.

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Spit fetish

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Salivating Over Saliva?