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Cock worship encompasses many different acts of attention, stimulation and adoration of the penis or a penis-substitute, such as a strap-on. Anyone can participate in cock worship, regardless of sexuality or gender, as either the person with the cock or the person attending to the cock. It can take the form of loving, sensual play, or be incorporated into different forms of BDSM, such as dominance and submission or even degradation. Because the penis is the center of attention in a cock worship scene, acts that provide pleasure and empowerment to the person with the penis are essential.

These can include touching, stroking, licking, fellatio, use of sex toys, and more. The worshipper is encouraged to embrace and admire all aspects of the penis, including its sight, smell, taste, and touch. Verbalization, including complimenting and romanticizing the penis, is encouraged.

Some cock worship scenes involve spiritual elements and ificant ceremony. The physical acts around the penis are complemented by a sensual setting. The cock worshipper is meant to honor the penis and the power that it holds, as well as to express honor at being chosen to pay their respects with pleasure. In these scenes, the goal is to empower and inspire confidence in the person with the penis. In a submission scene, the dominant may force the sub to honor and respect the penis and provide pleasure.

thousands receiving hot new sex related articles, goodies, and great deals. Cock worship and penis celebration are nothing new to humans. From ancient Roman decor to classic literature to modern sex education, the penis has long been an obsession and focus of our attention. Because of our preoccupation with all things phallic, cock worship seems a natural extension of our commitment to dick.

Because of the connection to intimacy, the potential for antry and conflating the cock to hero-like status, a cock worship scene can take on much more pomp and circumstance. Whether in a sensual setting or through submission, the worshipper is attempting to convey distinct admiration and love for the penis by building it and its pleasure up to mythic standards. This is meant to emotionally and psychologically empower the person with the penis—while at the same time provide them with ificant pleasure. Cock worship can be performed in many different ways and in countless different positions.

Some popular methods include the worshipper kneeling in front of the cock while the person stands or lies on their back. This reverent position adds gravitas to the scene. In many cases, the visual is an important part of the scene, so the person with the cock will want to see the action on their penis. For those who might be new and shy about having such attention paid to them, adding a blindfold can ease them into the situation and take the pressure off. In a cock worship submission scenario, the sub might be bound and then forced to engage with the penis.

As with other BDSM-related relationships and scenes, communication before and after, including a safeword are essential. To some, the cock worshipper could be considered a dominant because of their control of the scene. However, it would be most unusual for a cock worshipper to exert power, humilation, or degradation.

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