Abf relationship stories

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Adult Fetish No Notifications. Only logged in members can reply and interact with the post. Similar Worlds today ». What is it like to be in such a relationship? Over the years I have counselled several couples and each had a different start. However in general it is roughly the same. Laura and Brad are one such couple whom I have known for 2 decades. Years ago I asked Brad to give me his brief take on how he got into adult breastfeeding. Here is his story with his permission, from my files. Since I can remember I have always been a bigger is better breast man. Then I met Laura through my sister.

It was love at first sight. Something about her told me she was the one for me. I managed to overlook the fact that Laura with a C cup did not fit what I always wanted. Yet in my heart I knew I could boost her to a larger size especially through pregnancy. I had seen my cousin go from a flat chest to a D cup or more on her first pregnancy. Why not Laura I thought. Laura grew to resent my staring at large breasted women we met. And, she expressed it often, making me feel like a jerk. Our life included some breast and nipple play which she felt forced to do.

Sort of a hold back in response to my ogling of other women's boobs. Meanwhile I read all I could on how to boost breast size naturally, all behind her back. She refused herbal remedies. Wishful thinking?? After 2 years of marriage we decided it was time to have a family. Following several attempts she finally gave me the good news. What happened next was my dream come true. At 4 months she grew to an F cup with 4" areolas and thick nipples. I just couldn't keep my hands off of her boobies.

I grabbed from the front, the sides the back and I loved to have them hanging over me in bed. She was starting to lose that resentment she had re other women's big boobs. I could also see that behind those commands to leave her breasts alone she was smiling. She too was thrilled that her new breasts were pleasing me to the point of near constant arousal. Meanwhile on the internet I was scouring the sites such as Yahoo Groups for information on breastfeeding and breast erotics.

That's when I met G. No one else was as thorough and as candid about adult breastfeeding, erotic lactation and facts and figures no one ever heard of before. BMP Sir, thank you for taking the time to explain what others just brush one off about. I hope this story of mine which you are really a part of, can help others to see things in a clearer light. Thank you for meeting with me and Laura over that special issue we had. During Pregnancy I was very tempted to suck on Laura's now thick nipples that oozed a pale yellow pre-milk, but I chose wisely to hold back.

I worried that I may trigger a contraction or something like that. At 9 months Laura was filling up a solid G cup. The Labor set in and lasted over 12 hours. I was doubly excited, one for the baby and two for the coming milk supply something I had never tasted. I became a father of a 7 pound 7 ounce baby boy. Laura and I were beside ourselves with joy. The nurse helped Laura get the baby latched on to her big wet nipple that barely fit in the baby's mouth.

Laura's loose breasts looked huge and the nurse said that when the milk comes in she would get even larger by possible 2 cup sizes. I was floating on air upon hearing those words. Meanwhile Laura had to deal with the stitch pains, contractions and try to nurse the baby at the same time. Boy did I feel selfish thinking about her glorious boobies that I would soon enjoy. On the 3rd day her milk came in with a vengeance. Laura woke up from a nap soaking wet. The breast p were useless as her breasts leaked and sprayed. The baby tried to nurse but was choking and getting all soaked in milk.

The nurse brought the lactation nurse who began hand milking her breasts to remove that load of watery milk they call foremilk. Once she removed that milk the baby was able to latch on but had to swallow fast or drown.

When all was quiet in the room I made my move next to my son to try the warm breast milk. Laura laughed and called out to me, "come little boy and get mommy's milk, don't bite now. I don't have to say it but my erection was hard enough to reflect a box full of Viagra tabs.

Wow what a feeling. As I latched on to her soggy nipple I tasted her milk as it literally poured into my mouth. The taste was like cantaloupe juice mixed with honey, sweet as sugar. As I suckled and tongued her nipple I could see Laura beaming with approval, even through the pains. I could see she felt pleasure at seeing both her boys tandem suckling her milk laden breasts. I felt so horny I didn't know what to do next in that dim lit hospital room. I remember barely holding myself from having an orgasm. Being back in our bedroom seemed so far away. There I could suckle beside my son and then make love to Laura like never before.

Is it any wonder little boys suckling at the breast really get erections. I remember reading what Breastmilkprof wrote that even some near impotent men were able to get good erections after suckling for some time. I remember myself asking, why aren't other fathers talking about this or am I some kind of weirdo.

Yet I know most fathers do taste their mate's breast milk after giving birth. When my son was already 12 months old, he and I were still suckling together when my time permitted. It was an incredible feeling to tandem nurse. I did the same when my other children were born. Often I questioned myself as to why I'm doing this.

The other guys I knew talked about pussies and boobs all the time, but few ever mentioned breast milk. And yet online there are numerous websites about adult breastfeeding and erotic breast milk fun. Some of the women in these relationships call themselves Hucows, women that enjoy being milked as well as sucked on. Adult nursing is a unique intimate time of gentle nurturing love surrounded by euphoric sensations that encompass the whole body. A time to share touch, feel skin to skin in a serene setting that melts away worries.

Today Laura, years later, is a full G cup, still lactating some 60 oz. The kids are now teenagers. I suckle, hand milk her, play breast games and it le to great passionate orgasmic sex. What more can one ask for. I only wish all those seeking a breastfeeding partner would be so lucky as I and Laura have been.

Abf relationship stories

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