El paso sexting

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The leaked photo caused so much humiliation, ridicule and abuse that it drove the young teen into hanging herself. This story made national headlines a few years back because the sexting phenomena and its effects were just starting to become a fad. The personal words and intimate photos that used to be part of love letters and kept private in an intimate relationship are now becoming public on mobile phones. There is currently no legal definition of sexting, but according to the Teen Health section of About. It can also refer to text messages of a sexually-charged nature.

In a study done in to , the Nielsen Company showed that U. That age group more than doubles the amount of texting done by the next closest group. Being in that situation often causes people to lose their better judgment and therefore send sexual content to the person they are dating. Sexting often starts out small with a few words here and a picture there. As time goes by those few words and little revealing pictures turn into elaborate sexual content and even pornographic picture or videos, according to Jones.

Under Texas Law most of the legal ramifications that come with sexting have to do with sexually explicit material being passed along depicting people under the age of Photographs or pictures with under aged people are considered child pornography and classified as a third degree felony. If the subject is under 14 years of age, the law considers that a second degree felony. Jones talked about another story involving an adult woman losing her high profile job because of pictures that surfaced from years back that she sent an ex-boyfriend.

If students came into this presentation with no knowledge of sexting, they left with much more awareness of what it involved. Although sexting may be all fun and games at first, the next time you decide to do it, really ask yourself what you would do or what would happen if these pictures or messages found their way to mom and dad and the general public.

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El paso sexting

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Warning — No Such Thing as Safe Sexting