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All rights reserved. Grasp with teeth. Drag them off with teeth. Continue to inhale that aroma and suck all the juices. How many others have qualified for their Red-Wings? Am I an animal or a gourmet? Read my story "Jaq gives punishment" I got caught sniffing my wifes dirty panties. Not my thing, but enjoy what makes you happy!

Maybe when we first got together. Back before we'd gone all the way I might have sniffed a pair or two to know what she smelled like. Honestly nowadays though, if I want to smell her pussy I'll just tell her I want to smell her pussy and she's happy to let me bury my face between her legs. It's more fun that way anyway. Going to cum all over them. I'd suggest not sniffing the ones with skid marks. When I was allowed to go down on her before marriage and then for the first fifteen years I did not need to. When all that stopped I loved having her panties on my face for smelling and licking.

Wetting the crotch area by licking and then breathing in deeply through them was very enjoyable. I only started this when she no longer let me anywhere near her. I also still have a collection of dry crusty discharge and curly pubic hair, collected from her panties. I will be sniffing these panties later.

Cant say ive sniffed my ex's knickers. You could see their cum stains and i would used to wank off and sniff their cum. Fun times i have to say and even better when you would accidentially catch an eyeful of the twins as they would come out the shower or when they hadnt closed their bedroom doors properly as you would pass and see them in their glory, one twin more than the other.

If she's wearing them hell yes, but if they are in the dirty laundry hamper I thought that was just a natural thing done by every red-blooded male. The real question is I'm not too proud to admit I've done it :. I definitely take a sniff out of the hamper once in a while, however I have a limit to the degree of "dirty" that I'll partake. These were left for me by my wife to sniff while she is out. Filled them with a big warm load. Panty sniffing. Posted: Thursday, May 28, AM. The same GQP demanding we move on from January 6th, is still doing audits of the November 3rd, election.

Posted: Friday, May 29, PM. I plead guilty on the panty sniffing charge! Posted: Tuesday, June 2, AM. Posted: Monday, July 20, AM. Posted: Tuesday, July 21, AM. Posted: Tuesday, July 21, PM. Rank: Indefinable! What about a photo of you wearing them?? Posted: Wednesday, July 22, AM. Posted: Monday, July 27, AM. Posted: Monday, August 10, AM. Posted: Saturday, August 29, AM. Posted: Saturday, August 29, PM. Posted: Tuesday, September 1, AM. Mmmmmmmm nice. Posted: Saturday, October 3, AM. Posted: Monday, October 12, AM. Posted: Monday, October 26, AM.

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Dirty panty forum

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